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Olympia Luggage Reviews 2022 | Ultimate Buying Guide

Whether you got an important business trip coming up, looking forward to a weekend vacation, or visiting your relatives with your family, you need to think about packing. Ultimately, you will need a reliable luggage bag. From uber-modern hardshell design, stylish carry-ons to expandable fabric luggage suitcases, Olympia has it all. Well, there are many luggage bag brands. However, very few match the durability and practicality that comes with these best Olympia Luggage reviews

Three words, durable, lightweight, and multifunctional. Olympia luggage bags are designed to make traveling easier. Olympia brand is a global company based in California. This brand has been on the market for over three decades now. This brand offers innovative travel products that come with functional features and modern designs.

In this guide, we are going to look at the best Olympia Luggage bags available on the market. From the soft side, hard side, spinner, or two wheels, whatever meets your needs, we have handpicked the top luggage bags in each category. Here are our detailed Olympia luggage reviews.



The Olympia Apache Hardcase spinner set is one of the most popular Olympia models. And, for a good reason, this set includes three pieces. This lets you choose from the three bags to suit your needs.

Whether you are looking to go for a one-week business trip, a weekend getaway, or an overnight sleepover, this luggage will suit your packing needs. This set also comes with unique, user-friendly features, making it reliable travel assistance. So, what makes it stand out?

Construction Materials

All three pieces are made of 100 percent ABS plastic and have reinforced corners to ensure durability. This makes them an ideal choice for individuals who love hard side bags.

As expected, this model also boasts of other premium hardware that ensures excellent overall durability. To start, it comes with an aluminum push handle, which is sturdy, light, and durable.

Next, it is equipped with a four-wheel spinner that enables a smooth movement in all directions. Additionally, this model boasts of heavy-duty zippers that ensure all your items are well secured.


These suitcases also sport convenient features, which makes them convenient to use on any trip. In each bag, you will find a large compartment with a zippered divider. The interior also includes multiple compartments for keeping smaller items and a mesh pocket as well as a shoe compartment.

Additionally, these bags also have a second pocket and handy cross straps to keep your clothes well organized.


As mentioned, the Olympia Apache set comes with three suitcases. These suitcases measures 21by14by9, 25by17by10, and 29by19by12 inches, respectively. Another notable feature is that all of them expand to allow an additional 20 percent storage space.

Additional Features

Other equally handy feature that comes with this model includes multiple carry handles, spinner wheels that allow for easy maneuverability and a retractable wheel handle. Plus, this model comes with colorful accents that make you stand out. Overall, the adjustable design also makes it worth every coin you spend.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • It offers a decent size variety
  • Each of the three suitcases has an expandable capacity
  • It features a handy hidden compartment in the expansion area


  • The wheel handle locks in only one position

Why should you buy it?

The Apache 3Pc spinner set is an excellent choice for individuals looking for variety in terms of size. Besides getting three different sizes, these suitcases are expandable to allow you to accommodate everything you need for your trip. Naturally, this set is a well-kept secret for people looking to travel light without leaving any crucial accessory behind.


Travel in style with this Olympia Tuscany large luggage. This premium luggage comes with excellent features to make your trips enjoyable. It has added features that give it an up-market appeal at the same time, improving its durability.

We also love the vibrant red color, which makes it stand out. Unlike most suitcases that are available in black color, the red color makes it easy to identify your pack. This is great, especially when going through the security checks in train stations and airports.

Construction Materials

A perfect travel companion, this suitcase is made from tough, two-tone polyester materials. This material is not only tested to ensure durability but also keeps your items dry, thanks to the water-resistant design. The set also includes superior double spinner wheels that spin for 360 degrees.

This allows for easy navigation, primarily through busy airports and train stations. Equally, this set boasts of reinforced corners and double-stitched seams for enhanced sturdiness and durability.


Versatile and functional design, this luggage allows for easy organization. We love the extensive design, which allows you to carry everything you need for a few days to the one-week trip.

As if the 21-inch size isn’t enough, this bag also expands to accommodate more of your stuff. When it comes to the interior, this model includes a spacious lined interior. The interior consists of several zippered pockets and a separate shoe compartment.

Equally, this model comes with a dual tie belt to keep your clothes organized and exterior pockets that keep your accessories within your reach.


This luggage has a decent size 21x14x9 with a 3100 cu inch Capacity. This offers you plenty of space to carry your clothes, shoes and other gear you need for your trip. Another crucial feature that comes with this model is expandable design. Featuring a low profile design, this bag also expands up to 2 inches, maximizing the packing capacity.

Additional Features

The Tuscany 21-inch expandable luggage also comes with other handy features that make it stand out. It features an elegant interior lining and tie-down straps for enhanced convenience when packing your items. It also features handy side carry handles, low profile top and a large exterior pocket with a zip.

Moreover, as mentioned previously in our Olympia luggage reviews, this model also includes a locking push-button handle with an ergonomic design.


  • It includes double spinner wheels which ensures a smooth and easy navigation
  • It has an expandable design giving you more packing space
  • Elegant exterior and interior
  • It is made from lightweight and durable materials


  • This luggage doesn’t have a lock

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for lightweight, soft side luggage that is not only stylish but also functional, you won’t go wrong with this model. We love the conveniently designed external pocket, which is perfect for last-minute items. Overall, this model is worth checking out thanks to the exclusive features and budget-friendly price.


Designed for travelers that need a decent amount of space, this 30-inch suitcase is a decent choice for people looking for an expandable carry on bag. This model comes in a mixture of style and practical design. This design provides high-end businesspersons with everything they need for their trips.

Equally, this model has solid structural integrity that ensures it never is crushed. This ensures that your items stay intact and safe.

Moreover, this design retains a streamlined design even in crowded train stations and airports. This is not all; below are some of the other features that make it stand out.

Construction Materials

This luggage carries on the suitcase is crafted from sturdy polyester materials. We love the recessed spinner wheels that ensure smooth and quick navigation even in crowded areas. Being a carry-on, this model also includes a handy shoulder strap and a well-padded top handle.

Another feature that makes this model stand out is the double-stitched seams for enhanced sturdiness and durability. Similarly, this model also includes sturdy zippers that don’t break.


With this model, you don’t have to worry about navigating a crowded area. The smooth-rolling spinner wheels allow for easy navigation. Also, thanks to the carry on design, use the top handle or shoulder straps to carry your luggage with ease.

This is crucial, especially when you are in a hurry. When it comes to organizing your stuff, this model stands out. It includes a large main compartment with a divider and several smaller compartments.

Additionally, this model also includes a separate shoe compartment. No more wrinkled clothes, this model also includes tie-down straps that ensure that your stuff stays in place.


This model is significant, making it ideal for longer trips. Whether it is for business, vacation, or traveling with your family, this bag comes in handy. At 30x18x12 and a 6800 cubic inches capacity, this model enables you to bring your essentials along. Similarly, it includes an extensive two exterior pockets to keep your accessories with your reach.

Additional Features

As mentioned, this model is designed to bring convenience when traveling. This model includes multiple features that make it stand out. To begin, this model features a retractable handle that is easy to pull up or down using a button. This bag also expands up to 2 inches, providing additional packing space.

We also love the low profile top handle, and side carry handles. Some of the other features we enjoy in this model include an elegant exterior lining; hold down straps as well as reinforced seams and corners.


  • Comes with superior dual wheel spinner that allows for a smooth, all direction navigation
  • The expandable design provides additional space for your items
  • Elegant interior and exterior
  • Includes side handles and a low profile top handle which is reinforced


  • Taller individuals might find the handle too short

Why should you buy it?

If you think a carry-on and a rolling suitcase is what you need, then you will love this combo. It comes in a decent size, making it an excellent choice for business trips, weekend getaways, and short vacations. What’s more, this model is sturdy enough to withstand multiple uses and many travels. It comes in a variety of colors too!


If style and practicality are essential to you, then this Olympia carries on set is a great choice. This model features a stylish design, which makes it stand out from other models.

It is quite compact, making it a perfect choice for people who would want to avoid luggage check-in. It also fits in the overhead compartment for most airline couriers.

Equally, the soft side design also allows it to fit under the front seat, allowing you to keep your essentials within your reach. Enough of the sweet talk, we will now look at some of the other useful features that you will get in this model.

Construction Materials

One of the primary selling points with this model is the sturdy construction. It is made of durable polyester materials that are also water-resistant. The superior fabric isn’t only durable but also looks better than most average luggage pieces.

It features dual spinner wheels that ensure a smooth ride and easy navigation. In the same breath, this model also includes a lightweight aluminum handle that is retractable.


This versatile luggage suitcase is a handy choice for short as well as long trips. If you feel tired, simply press the button to retract the handle so that you can roll the bag easily. When in a hurry, use the shoulder straps or grab the top handle.

Besides, this model comes with countless internal and external features that make your trips easy. The interior features one large compartment with tie-down straps. We also have multiple compartments that let you organize your stuff easily.


Measuring 21″ high by 14″ wide, this suitcase is compact yet spacious to accommodate the needs of a light traveler. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a few day’s business trips, this model suits your needs.

We love the fact that this model comes with a 2-inch expandable design, which maximizes the packing capacity.

Additional Features

Designed with users’ needs in mind, this model also features above-average features that boost your overall convenience. Despite its compact design, it still manages to include a separate shoe compartment.

It also comes with an interior divider that segments the main compartment into two sections. This enables you to keep all your stuff organized.

Similarly, this model also comes with an elegant interior lining and well-padded front to keep your items well protected.


  • It comes with a large main compartment with a divider
  • It  has two exterior pockets to keep your accessories within reach
  • Smooth, quiet and easy to navigate spinner wheels
  • The Stylish, modern design makes it stand out


  • This suitcase doesn’t have a lock

Why should you buy it?

This carryon luggage is your to-go solution for people looking for a stylishly designed model that stands out from other luggage pieces. From the sturdy construction to a decent size, everything in this bag is made to look luxurious and strong. Moreover, the carry on design makes it a perfect companion for people who travel often.


Traveling families that need to carry a lot of gear and clothing will benefit from this expandable large luggage bag. This bag allows you to take everything you need for your trip. Even better, it is scalable, allowing you to pack the things that you may have forgotten.

Additionally, this bag still manages to retain a stylish design. This makes it a great choice for any modern traveler; whether you are looking forward to a long business trip, vacation, or visiting your relatives with your family, this bag comes to your aid.

Construction Materials

Durable and sturdy, these are the best attribute that comes with this luggage suitcase. It is crafted from a hundred percent polyester. The materials are not only sturdy but also water-resistant. This is great since it keeps your items dry from water splashes or spills.

Next, this bag boasts of reinforced corners and double-stitched seams for enhanced stability. Equally, it comes with durable zippers and superior spinner wheels that allow for easy and quick navigation.


Thanks to the vast storage space, this bag enables you to secure all your essentials when traveling. It is equipped with durable zipper closure that ensures a fast and convenient closure and access. On the inside, you get roomy space to store your items.

The primary compartment has a divider that makes it easy for you to organize your items. Additionally, this model comes with dual tie-down belts, zippered mesh pockets, and multiple compartments.


This bag measures 30 inches tall and 18 inches wide. This is the biggest bag in this class. The extra roomy interior enables you to pack everything that you need. With a whooping … capacity, and multiple compartments, securing all your essentials have never been easier.

More importantly, this model has an expandable design, which provides you an additional 2 inches of packing space.

Additional features

One of the features that stood out in this model is the ethylene-vinyl or EVA padding on the front. This material does not only give this bag a smooth and finishes look but also protects your delicate items. We also love the durable closures and reinforced handles.

Additionally, this bag has an expandable design. This means besides packing all you need, this bag also offers you extra space to bring a souvenir back from your vacation.


  • Highly durable and spacious
  • Beautiful color with an accent, which makes it easily recognizable on the carousel
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Comes with a lightweight and sturdy retractable handle


  • Might be too big for some airlines

Why should you buy it?

Keep all your travel essentials, stowed securely, and organized neatly in this model. Besides the oversized design, which is expandable, this bag is surprisingly durable and lightweight. It also boasts of a modern, trendy design making it not only functional but also stylish. Overall, this is an excellent choice for individuals looking to travel with their families or looking forward to a long vacation


Having been designed to meet the different needs of travelers, the Olympia Luggage suitcase will suit any traveler needs. However, every user has unique needs. In this Olympia luggage review guide, we are going to look at some of the features that you should consider when selecting the best Olympia luggage bag.


As you can tell from the reviewed products, the Olympia Luggage bags come in different sizes. The primary battle here revolved between carrying on and full-sized models. Before picking your choice, first, think of the items that you need to carry. You can do this by evaluating the length of your travel and the frequency. Ultimately, if your trips take more than a week, then you need a big nag. However, if your trip takes 2-3 days, a carry on suitcase will meet your needs.


These bags come in either soft side or hard side design. Hard side luggage bag tends to work perfectly when it comes to durability. These bags can also take more beating and keeps delicate and breakable items secure. Equally, these bags also provide decent protection against stains, spills, and water splashes. On the other hand, the soft side or fabric bags boast of expandable design. This means they can expand a few inches, offering more packing room.


Most of the luggage bags from these models come with spinner wheels. These wheels make it easy to navigate crowded stations and airports. Generally, these bags have four or dual spinner wheels. Four spinner wheels are a great addition, especially to the larger containers, as they can withstand the high weight. On the other hand, a carry on the model will work correctly on dual spinner wheels.


You will need to carry your bag. Therefore, you should also check the quality and types of handles included. Most models with wheels often have a retractable handle. Make sure that the handle is adjustable to meet your height.

Equally, you should also consider going for a model with a top or side handle. This is crucial when placing it in your trunk. If you go for a carry on a model, ensure that the shoulder strap is well padded.

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Luggage suitcase is one of the handy things that most people use regularly but often don’t give much thought until when it is too late. Without the right luggage bag, your trip can be a nightmare. Nothing is disappointing than thinking of how to replace your torn bag when in a new town or country.

Luckily, with our detailed  Olympia luggage reviews, you will never have to experience this inconvenience. These bags are not only durable but also come in a stylish design that matches the needs of any modern travel.

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